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Your One-Stop-Shop for all of Your Drip Irrigation System Needs!

We carry drip irrigation system products from Netafim, Jain and Irritec for all scales of projects. Whether you are irrigating a 10×10 backyard irrigation plot, 200 acres of blueberries or a vineyard irrigating new grapes we have what you need.

All drip irrigation systems will require a water source, filtration, distribution tubing and emitters. Some systems may also require pressure reduction, mainline pipe, automatic controllers, solenoid valves, etc. Whatever your needs, we can help.

We carry all types of distribution line including: drip tape, drip tube, soaker hose and 1/4″ and 1/8″ drip line. We have all of the fittings you will need to plumb your drip line in. We also have a large variety of emitters, including: drippers, sprayers and spinners.

HPS Pipe and Supply, Inc. also sells the filters that you need to keep your drip emitters from plugging up, from large volume (see to small (see

If you don’t see the product you are looking for contact us here.

drip irrigation system

Irrigation Systems Design

Do you need help designing your drip irrigation system? Tired of trying to purchase irrigation supplies from someone who doesn’t know how to use it? Our experts can help you design a system that will fit you budget and needs. Our designs and products are found in 1000’s of acres of berries, vineyards and nut orchards throughout the state of Oregon and Washington as well as in countless residential gardens. We can help you get started in your design, or recommend proper filtration on an existing system. Our irrigation experts have designed and installed drip irrigation systems for years and will give you accurate advice without trying to sell you material that you won’t need.

If you have questions or need help designing your irrigation or sprinkler system, contact us here.




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