Pressure Tanks

pressure tankWith the help of emerging technology, human beings life made easy. Numerous inventions and improvements are now being utilized and were able to help us live comfortably. Example of a successful invention being used by millions nowadays is the Pressure tank. Pressure tank is often responsible for the supply and distribution of water in different households, commercial and industrial area. It is an enclosed vessel that stores liquids and gases or air at a higher pressure. There are actually two kinds of pressure tanks:

  • The traditional pressure tanks which holds water at a pre-determined level. It should a lot at least space for the air at the top.
  • Another and a modern design is the Bladder Pressure tank which is made of a rubber. The bladder is attached inside the tank and holds the water while the air—though stored inside the tank—was outside the bladder. It was designed to create a pressure.

Water pressure tanks that used at home are mostly used for household applications. The tank will pump the water and hold it inside until it is needed for use. When a faucet turns on, the water that once stored will then travel to pipeline leading up to faucet. The pump automatically pumps itself to refill once the water reduced.

Today, almost households, commercial and industrial establishments provide their own Pressure tank. Cons about this is the danger awaits if the pressure tank was not maintain and installed properly that’s why when you purchased pressure tanks, make sure to ask your supplier the proper taking care of pressure tank as well as its procedure on how to work with this.

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