Well Testing Services

Residential and Agricultural

At HPS Pipe & Supply, Inc. we combine expert knowledge and professional equipment to provide customers a variety of options for their well testing and water testing needs. Our well testing services include agricultural state flow tests and residential flow tests and pump system inspections for home sales and home owner peace of mind.

Water Well Flow Testing

We work with farmers to complete the state required flow test and the paperwork that must be submitted to the state water master. We work with real estate agents and homeowners that are buying or selling a home to perform a well flow test as well as inspect and test the pump, water tanks and controls to provide information on the condition of the system.

Hillsboro Pump Service can also send a camera down your well to search for visual evidence of any issues that may be arising with your well.

well testing

Water Quality Testing

HPS can also help you with all of your water testing needs. Are you concerned about whether or not your drinking water is safe?  HPS will collect your water to send it to a certified water testing laboratory to test for contaminant levels. The water testing lab will test for nitrates, e-coli and arsenic. The water testing laboratory will also test for lead upon request. You can also drop in to our store and pick up a sample bottle, take the sample yourself and then drop the sample off at our store Tuesday morning to have the water testing lab test your water.

If you are looking for water purification equipment, HPS will provide and install the equipment to fit your needs. We can help you with a reverse osmosis water filter, a chlorine injection pump, or a UV light that will insure that your water is always safe to drink.

If a mineral test is what you are looking for, we will perform a free test in house and provide you with a quote of what you need to clean up your water. We test for hardness, iron, total dynamic solids, PH and more. Drop off a sample, or call us out to take one!

Let us help you with your well testing services!

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