Well Water Treatment Solutions

Well Water treatment is the process of cleaning its properties that came from Lakes, Ocean, Rivers and Dams so we could use it in food, industry and drinking. Not all people can afford to drink plain water. Some of us still require their body to take purified or distilled water that’s why Water treatment is essential.

Process of Water treatment starts at removing its dirt and other suspended properties in the form of Coagulation followed by Sedimentation wherein suspended properties remains at the bottom. Filtration takes place next. Water passes through the layers of sand, gravel and charcoal to remove once again the dirt and other suspended particles. Then, the method of Disinfection will be added to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that still present in the water. Lastly, it will be placed in a proper storage in a clean and closed tank or reservoir and be then flows through pipes and distributes to household and commercial community.

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well water treatment




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